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Frequently asked questions

What information would you be able to give me?
We can concentrate and convey to you any information you can outwardly observe on a website. However, there are certain lawful elements which should be considered with each venture (scratching behind a login, conforming to terms and conditions, agreeing to information protection and copyright laws, etc.). When you present your project demand, our solution architecture team will work with our legal division to survey your proposed undertaking to ensure it won't break any legally accepted procedures.
Is web scraping legitimate?
The demonstration of separating information from open sites is lawful as a rule. However, there are specific cases in which it is viewed as unlawful because of particular information possession laws that oversee the information being removed. Ordinarily, this is the situation when the Terms and Conditions unequivocally state web scratching isn't permitted, or while extricating the information would penetrate information security and copyright laws.
Which info extraction arrangement should I choose?
At ScraperDev, we have an information extraction solution to suit any necessity. We can offer once-off information dumps, information memberships, or expert administration plans to help you get the information you need in the way you need it. At the point when you present your venture demand, an individual from our architecture team will discuss your undertaking prerequisites in more detail and propose the best solution to address your issues.
How do your project processes work?
When you've presented your task demand, an individual from our architecture team will contact you to set up an undertaking revelation call. The solution architect will examine your project in detail and assemble the data they have to build up the ideal answer to meet your prerequisites. Within a few days, they will, at that point, present you with their answer for your endorsement.
What technology are your crawlers built with?
Every one of our crawlers is assembled utilizing bot, the web scratching system our founders made. Moreover, we use various other open-source structures that we've built up that guarantee you are secure in utilizing proprietary innovation. We use Crawlera as our intermediary arrangement and Splash as a headless program if one is required.
How do you confirm the quality of the data?
At ScraperDev, we have some expertise in creating information extraction answers for ventures with crucial business prerequisites. Accordingly, our primary need is conveying a high value to our customers. To achieve this, we have actualized a four-layer QA process that ceaselessly screens the soundness of our creeps and the quality of extracted data.
What assistance do you provide?
Support is accessible to all our clients. We offer help for coverage issues, missed deliveries, minor site changes, etc. In case there are significant changes on the site in question, and the insect needs a total redesign this may fall outside the scope of our standard assistance service and may incur extra charges. However this is uncommon.
Can you provide the source code?
We can certainly provide you with access to the source code.
Do you offer information samples before buying?
Yes, if the test information is accessible for the information source. This can be given in either CSV or JSON format. If it is a source we have not slithered previously, sample data will be given after advancement kick-off. This happens after your purchase. Or you can download the sample of data on the Main Page to have an idea how the result will look like.
How and in what format will I receive my data?
We suggest many delivery types such as FTP, SFTP, AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, Email, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Formats for delivery can be CSV, JSON, JSONLines, or XML.
How are setup fees determined?
Setup fees may apply, subject to the idea of the task (once-off, membership, custom), the unpredictability of the destinations, and the number of records being separated. Our solution architecture team will evaluate each site depending on the situation and give their final estimate.
Do you recommend one-time data extraction?
We support one-time extraction to help you build the listings. If you need regular updates for that info we recommend you to subscribe for few months or a year.

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